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Project Warehousing

Project Warehousing

Project requirements and deadlines are always changing, so its critical to have storage space for overflow materials, goods, inventory, equipment and other business assets. Project warehousing services receive and store your goods until the goods need to be sent to their next destination.

Businesses often ramp up projects that require storing more goods or equipment than the in-house warehouse has capacity to store. This is where local 3PL warehouse partners come into play. 3PL warehouses partner with your project team.

No matter if you need a multi-month storage project, a one-time trailing restacking job, or a 2-year project contract our warehouse can help you scale operations.

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Benefits of our Project Warehousing

Local event storage - operations and storage for you without any overhead

Local storage without operations overhead

Store assets or inventory near you, your manufacturer or customers without opening and operating a warehouse in-house. 3PL warehouse services do jobs you need and send monthly invoices.

No need to allocate your staff, instead trust an outsourced partner. Project warehousing services manage & protect your goods until you need them.

Secure and monitored warehouse storage for events and projects

Secure & monitored facility

Your goods and assets are safe when stored with us.

Our facilities are secured and monitored 24/7 with modern surveillance equipment, backups & regular inventory audits in all facilities.

Rest easy at night, knowing your products are in our 3PL warehouse rather than a random yard or off-site storage container.

No contract commitment project storage and warehousing services

No contract commitments

Projects can be unpredictable, so we offer flexible terms and no contact obligations.

We work with recurring project clients and one-time cross docking clients, so we keep our agreements simple.

Send your goods to our warehouse for storage ASAP and move them when your project moves forward. No account minimums or termination fees.

Project Warehousing Service Details

We offer project warehousing services for all types of work, from long-term projects to 2-hour one-time projects.

Event Storage Services in Central Florida

Event Storage

Events require vendors, facilities and other attendees to move their goods from location-to-location in preparation for events, trade shows, conferences and other activities.

It’s, usually, unrealistic for vendors to open warehouse storage locations near every event destination. So vendors and facilities work with third-party warehouses to safely store their goods before and/or after events.

Learn more about how our Tampa warehouses can store your assets for events.

long-term storage services in Florida warehouse

Long-term Storage

Business projects often span multiple years to support business models. Some business require long-term storage throughout the manufacturing process from Research & Development through Production.

Other businesses use our long-term project storage to keep their equipment safe while it is unused between projects. Specialized equipment may sit for years between projects, so it’s important to keep the equipment safe and monitored until your team needs it.

Our long-term storage service includes receiving your goods, inspection, inventory management, storage and outbound handling of each unit. We store palletized goods, crates, equipment lifted by forklift, cartons and other uniquely stored units.

short-term warehousing in Florida

Short-term Warehousing

The natural ebbs and flow of retail, manufacturing and other active business cycles require a flexible supply chain and on-demand warehousing space.

It is possible to scale seasonal and short-term warehousing space in-house, but the cost of the unused space adds up significantly in the off-season.

An alternative solution is to work with third-party logistics (3PL) partners to manage the overflow warehouse jobs for your team. By using a third-party for operations, your internal team can focus on core product development while our warehouse takes care of daily operations.

We work collaboratively with our project warehousing clients to give you flexible warehousing space and staff when you need it.

Cross Docking Warehouse Services in Central Florida

Cross Docking

Exceptions are inevitable in the supply chain, so its crucial transportation companies have access to short-term or one-day warehouse space near their drivers and customers.

We accommodate drivers & freight brokers in Florida who are looking for urgent storage solutions.

Our cross docking services include:

  • cross docking (& short-term pallet storage)
  • transloading
  • intermodal
  • Restack & rework shifted loads

Our goal is to help everyone in need of cross docking & restacking near our warehouses. We will get your driver a dock door, a forklift and skilled staff ASAP.

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Corporate Storage and warehousing services

Corporate Storage

Enterprises are running at full sprint and need warehousing partners to help manage operations in bust markets & non-local territories.

When corporate projects require adding storage facilities, staff and Cap Ex to internal warehouse operations, it is important to evaluate the total cost of ownership. Expanding internal teams to manage these projects is often a big risk and a bigger distraction for your team.

Our 3PL project warehousing services work closely with corporate teams to coordinate inbound shipments, storage and inventory management of goods, and outbound deliveries. We have the warehouse, the staff and the technology so you can seamlessly integrate our warehouse into your operation.

Transloading warehouse service - Transload goods in Tampa Florida in Central Florida


Reliable transloading warehouse services and storage in Tampa Bay and Central Florida. We provide short-term storage for pallets and offer on-demand delivery appointments to get goods and drivers where they need to be.

Transloading services give you the flexibility you need to move goods between trucks, make partial deliveries and much more.

Our facility is near the port, interstates, and several logistics gateways in Central Florida. We can accept your load today.

Our goal is to help everyone in need of transloading & restacking near our warehouses. We will get your driver a dock door, a forklift and skilled staff ASAP.

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