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Cross docking services • Short-term storage warehouse in Central Florida

Cross Docking Services in Central Florida

Warehousing Etc Ocala Chewy Short Term Pallet Storage

Short-Term Storage Warehouse in Central Florida.

Warehousing Etc (WE) provides reliable cross docking and warehouse storage services near the Tampa Bay region in central Florida. We add simplicity to your logistics by streamlining your point-to-point distribution.

From start-to-finish, our highly experienced team ensures your job is handled in a timely manner. We know how important speed is to your clients, so we do what it takes to unload and store your goods ASAP.

What is cross docking?

Cross docking is a logistics service where a company is transferring goods from one mode or means of transportation to another. There may be little to no storage or handling of the goods. Goods are received at a cross docking warehouse where they are unloaded and staged on the dock floor. At time the time of unload, some goods require palletization or additional handling to prepare them for final delivery.

Once all the goods are unloaded, the freight is organized by the staff. Freight is separated based on how it will ship out. While organizing the pallets of product, additional value added services may happen to finalize goods, such as light assembly. Finally, the outbound truck(s) arrives, so the staff can load product on a truck taking it to its final destination.

Transloading Warehouse

As a result, this process is undoubtedly great for moving many items efficiently and quickly. It is especially good for breaking down large product loads into smaller loads to create an easier or more efficient delivery process to the customer.

Who uses Central Florida Cross Docking?

There are a lot of reasons you may need cross docking and short-term warehouse storage. Typically, there is a truckload of goods stuck in Central Florida that cannot be delivered to it’s final destination.

Roles we work with to quickly get your pallets into our warehouse:

  • Dispatchers – who are looking for a nearby warehouse with capacity to unload their driver and store the goods
  • Freight brokers – who need an immediate solution to help their stuck driver
  • Owner-operator drivers – who need a spot to drop off their pallets ASAP!
  • Inbound/Receiving Managers at Distribution Centers – who frequently turn away trucks and a partner with capacity.

Cities in Central Florida who use our Cross Docking Services

Central Florida is a fast-growing logistics hub that stretches West-to-East across the middle of Florida. Our warehouses provide short-term storage and cross docking services to drivers throughout central Florida.

Only a Short-Drive from Unloading Your Driver in Nearby Cities:

What type of goods do we cross dock near Ocala Florida?

We store a variety of goods for cross docking customers. We stage pallets of product and store them safely while you wait for delivery to nearby distribution and fulfillment centers in Tampa, Ocala, Plant City, Orlando and nearby areas.

  1. Dry goods that do not require refrigeration or climate control
  2. Pet products cross docking
  3. Chewy cross docking and re-deliveries when appointments are missed
  4. Hardware products and consumer DIY tools
  5. Products sold on Amazon and shipped from a central-Florida FBA facility
  6. Furniture
  7. Minerals and raw materials for manufacturing
  8. And other palletized products from suppliers, manufacturers and logistics companies

Additional services offered with cross docking

Check out other services we offer to clients in Central Florida including:

  1. Restacking loads
  2. Dry storage
  3. Short-term storage
  4. Warehouse services
  5. Warehouse logistics
  6. Shrink wrapping
  7. Packaging
  8. Fulfillment services
  9. Kitting and assembly
  10. Amazon FBA Prep
  11. Inventory management, and
  12. Other logistics services

As load consolidation specialists, we will help reduce your costs by minimizing inventory handling and staying on schedule. Contact us today for access to a dependable cross docking team!

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