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3PL Services

3PL Services

Locate inventory close to your customers, suppliers, or you by using a reliable third party logistics (3PL) warehouse location. Partner with a professional logistics service to take the stress off your team and bring your supply chain to the next-level.

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Benefits of our 3PL Services

3pl service benefits - committed partner to help your brand grow

Available when You Need Support

Work with a Dedicated Account Manager and an experienced Team when you select us as your 3PL.

We are devoted to your customers, orders and guaranteeing a seamless experience partnering with a 3PL warehouse like Warehousing Etc.

flexible 3pl warehouse partners

Flexible Warehouse Solutions

Looking for a partner to provide the best solutions for your company?

Warehousing Etc understands everyone needs slightly different warehouse services, so we work with you, when us need us and we treat your goods as if they were our own!

integrated 3pl solutions - connect the warehouse where you need it

Integrated Logistics Services

Need to manage orders across several channels? We’ve got you covered.

Use our technology solutions to seamless connect to most sales channels and ship goods to customers ASAP. Manage your inventory from one simple source.

3PL Service Details

3PL services provide a variety of customizable warehousing and logistics solutions to clients. You may benefit from some or all of these services:

Receiving - The core 3PL Service when goods enter the warehouse


We receive product and treat it like our own. Our team receives parcels, unloads less-than truckloads (LTL), full truckloads (FTL) trucks, containers and other couriers.

Product arrives at the warehouse either

  • palletized,
  • loose loaded,
  • in a carton,
  • crated,
  • in a steel-frame, or
  • shipped in other standard containers.

Product enters the system immediately upon arrival, sorting and receiving.

Inventory Management warehouse service

Inventory Management

Knowing your inventory levels per SKU is a core function to operating smoothly. Inventory management is a core pillar of Warehousing Etc’s 3PL services.

Top Benefits of Inventory Management

  • Accurately forecast and plan for sales, seasonal peaks and other changes.
  • Easily track reorder points of products.
  • Review past buying or shipping patterns.
  • Greatly improves quality control and reduces errors in operations.
  • Other analytical browsing of inventory

We rely on accurate inventory levels to provide you the most accurate and responsive warehouse services.

Use our system to track inventory or integrate with your current tool.

Reliable Order Fulfillment and warehouse services

Order Fulfillment – 3PL Services

Order fulfillment enables you to send product to customers from our facility.

Place an outbound order to quickly ship direct-to-consumer (D2C) orders to residential customers in cartons. In most cases, we ship parcels via UPS and USPS.

Or place a business-to-business (B2B) order to send larger volumes of product to customers by carton, LTL or FTL carrier.

Returns Management - RMA management and storage by 3PL service provider

Returns Management

Managing returns can be a cumbersome project, so many organizations outsource this logistics process.

Use our Tampa, Florida warehouse to as a consolidation point to manage your returns.

It’s easy to start outsourcing returns management. First, integrate into our ecosystem. Then send all customer return packages to our facility.

We receive, validate and alert you of all RMAs returned to the warehouse. You can monitor returns and have them entered into your system at time of receiving.

We store returned orders while you determine the correct course of action for each return. Then we can inspect returns, do light maintenance, forward parcels or dispose of product per your standards and guidance.

freight consolidation in Florida - reduce 3pl service charges with consolidation services

Freight Consolidation

Use our Tampa warehouse as a freight consolidation hub for your shipments.

A freight consolidation warehouse gives you a single location to send incomplete shipments to before they’re ready for your customers. After all the smaller shipments arrive from suppliers, we will consolidate all the units together into a single, larger manifest. This larger shipment can be sent to domestic project sites, business customers, construction sites or anywhere your clients need!

Benefits of freight consolidation include:

  • Reducing supply chain costs by grouping smaller units together before a long-haul journey.
  • Scaling your current supply operation without investing in your own warehouse facility and added overhead.
  • Simplify your customer’s experience. Send them a single shipment with all their products, rather than multi-shipment orders.
3PL distribution services - Central Florida Distribution Center


Efficiently moving volumes of product domestically takes a lot of energy and a strategic supply chain approach.

Our distribution center enable you receive, store and ship larger quantities of goods in preparation for sending to end customers.

Use distribution services to move pallets, crates, cartons and steel-framed products throughout central-Florida. We offer lot control, serialization and other helpful features to manage your inventory.

Pick and pack 3PL fulfillment

Pick and Pack 3PL Services

Fulfilling orders requires a skilled team and the right tools to get pick and pack accurately.

We seamlessly integrate into your sales channels to automatically accept orders.

Then count on our experienced 3PL team to pick the right items. During the pick and pack process we conduct quality control using a 2-step item validation process.

We process orders same-day when placed before Noon. And we can ship parcels on your account or ours; whatever you need.

Warehouse storage services - commercial storage solutions for palletized goods

Warehouse Storage Services

Commercial storage solutions to store your products, equipment, raw materials, packaging, finished goods and other assets.

Palletized storage solutions Warehouse storage 3PL services help you free up valuable floor space to focus on your core product. We will handle the operations and make sure your goods are treated like our own when received, stored and shipped.

Multi-client warehouse services for 3pl clients in Tampa

Multi-Client Warehouse

Need a dedicated warehouse to take care of operations without disrupting the rest of your business? A multi-client warehouse relieves the growing pains in Operations and Facilities by providing:

  • warehouse space; storage for pallets, shelves, bins, crates, equipment or other SQFT to meet your needs
  • Experienced warehouse staff
  • Integrated solutions to manage your technology needs
  • Flexible warehousing services that scale as your operation hits peak season

Multi-client warehouses share their resources and Staff across multiple clients to reduce overhead. With Warehousing Etc, every account gets a dedicated account manager, so you know where to get help and who to hold accountable.

3PL eCommerce fulfillment at Florida third party Service provider

3PL eCommerce Fulfillment

Our 3PL eCommerce fulfillment services give you efficient and flexible management of all inventory, orders, and order related data.

We provide inventory updates, shipping updates, and real-time updates upon inventory arrival. Our order management begins post sale, directly from the shopping cart.

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Florida 3PL Logistics Services


At Warehousing Etc Inc, we focus on you, your customers, and the growth of your business. We consider ourselves to be a big part of your business and aim to create trust and partnership with all customers through our supply chain logistics expertise.

We take pride in providing a variety of services and efficiencies to our customers that they will not find elsewhere. We offer transportation carrier selection for domestic and international shipments, if necessary. With us you will receive integration with web shopping carts and email broadcasting. 

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Third party warehousing in Florida

Third Party Warehousing

Managing a warehouse facility and daily operations is a lot of effort to take-on as a non-warehousing business.

In many cases, it makes sense to outsource logistics services to a third-party warehouse. When you partner with Warehousing Etc for your third-party warehousing service needs, you can rest assured your Team will have access to everything they need, when they need it.

Third part warehousing is a time-sensitive, accuracy-important and customer-driven service, so WE remain flexible to receive and ship orders on your schedule.

US third party logistics 3PL services for international brands

US Third Party Logistics

When selling to customers in the US, it is beneficial to have a 3PL logistics partner in the warehouse handle operations in the States.

We help international companies:

  • Receive containers, air cargo and handle other deliveries in the US.
  • Fulfill D2T orders across multiple channels
  • Consolidate inventory entering the States
  • Store overflow inventory
  • Ship orders to retail, department and big-box stores
  • Manage returns and customer service
  • and much more

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No Setup Fee or Order Minimums

Join other businesses using Warehousing Etc to remove operations frustration with our simple, systemic, customer-focused approach.

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