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Pallet restacking in Central Florida - warehouse services to restack pallets in shifted loads for Tampa, Lakeland, Plant City, Orlando and more

Reliable, On-Demand Pallet Restacking in Central Florida

Distressed truckload? Our Team can help get you back on the road!

Our mission is to fix your freight and get it re-delivered ASAP.

What is Pallet Restacking?

Pallet restacking is the physical process of down-stacking unsafe pallets and restacking them into safe, handleable pallets.

Why is this necessary? During cross-country journeys, truckloads of palletized freight can become unstable, tipped, and impossible to safely unload by forklift. This happens when the product shifts off of the pallet or is significantly leaning.

When truckloads cannot be unloaded by forklift, it requires A LOT of manual effort and time to restack each unsafe pallet before removing it from the truck. Unfortunately, most distribution centers do not have the labor or time that is required to fix these distressed truckloads.

Distribution centers notoriously refuse or REJECT these distressed trucks. When this happens, a third-party warehouse service is required to fix the pallets and prepare them for delivery.

Truckloads require pallet restacking when they are rejected by the receiving distribution center

(1) Destination Rejects Goods

Firstly, the receiver will not accept truckloads of freight that are tipped over, shifted, leaning, or otherwise unsafe to unload by forklift

(2) Inspects every Pallet on the Load

Once you find a third-party warehouse to restack the load of goods, get the truck there ASAP.

We start by inspecting the load, taking pictures, and reporting our findings to you.

Manually restack every unsafe or tipped pallet so it can be shrink-wrapped and safely handled by forklift

(3) Restack Unsafe Pallets

By hand, restack unsafe pallets inside of the trailer so the unit can be safely handled. Wrap each pallet with shrink-wrap before handling by electric pallet jack or forklift.

Inspect and process the entire truckload of shifted pallets to restack - Tampa Florida pallet restacking

(4) Collect & Handle Damages While Processing the Entire Truckload

We collect damaged units as we go. We handle damages how you want us to. We can dispose of damages at our facility or send them to the destination.

Our Team only restacks what is required. Plus, we take pictures when we find surprises and communicate with you along the way.

The goal of every pallet restacking job is to ensure forklifts can handle pallets safely without tipping

(5) Ensure All Pallets are Forklift-Ready. Reload the truck for delivery.

After all the pallets are restacked, the truckload is safe to handle with a forklift. We reload all of the pallets onto the truck for re-delivery to their original destination.

Short-term storage is available when needed.

When freight shifts, forward or to the side, truckloads require pallet restacking to rework all damaged units.

All pallets must be stable, able to be handled by forklifts, and ready for long-term storage in the warehouse.

Many receiver warehouses will refuse loads containing only one shift pallet.

Benefits of Pallet Restacking Services

Warehousing Etc’s warehouse Team specializes in reworking pallets, shifted truckloads, and rescuing distressed truckloads throughout Central Florida.

Like you, we know it is critical your truckload gets to its final destination. That is why we guarantee the redelivery of your truckload after we restack. If the load shifts again, we restack at no cost to you or your customer.

We offer several benefits to ensure the distressed truckload of freight gets to its final destination in one piece. Our prices are competitive and ensure we have staff, materials, and equipment ready to restack pallets on your driver’s truck.

Here is a summary of how our pallet restacking services in Tampa, Florida stack up against alternative options.

Pallet Restacking Comparison of Options for Distressed Truckloads with shifted pallets in Central Florida

Hear What Satisfied Customers Say:

“I highly recommend this place for getting a load restacked. I had a load that required a restack and Ryan along with his team got it taken care of that day. The communication and service was excellent.”

Alec C

“Ryan Key was spot on, very responsive, and professional. Was able to help my out in a pinch with a TL of shifted pallets. Had my freight repalletized and reworked on short notice, same day. Helped make sure my driver got unloaded at intended cons promptly.”

Kyle A

“Great service. Would use again.”


“I work for a logistics company and so we have times where we need warehouses where product needs to be restacked. I called a few places within FL and none of them were able to answer. I called Warehousing ETC. and got a hold of Ryan Key the actual owner of the company and stated I needed help with restacking some Kraft Heinz product. Ryan was amazing and jumped on the issue and helped out with pricing and was able to get my product fixed for my driver and saved my company from running a claim. Would highly recommend using Ryan and his team for any help you may need. Great conversation, fast response/support and definitely worth the price!”

Pratik Patel

Who needs Pallet Restacking Solutions in Central Florida?

Typically, the people closest to the tipped-over freight must find a solution for the distressed truckload.

Usually freight brokers, dispatchers, and owner-operators are required to track down a reliable restack warehouse or local lumping service near the destination address. This is challenging since most warehouses are experiencing labor shortages and cannot service loads fast enough.

Brokers, Dispatchers, Receiving & Distribution Centers, and Owner-Operators Rely on Warehousing Etc’s Restack Team

We know life happens! You and your driver need help to fix the truckload of goods near its destination. We’re here to help you!

We’ve nearly seen it all when it comes to the cause of shift truckloads. For instance, crazy accidents in traffic, slamming on the brakes, awful Florida-drivers causing issues, truck tire blowouts; trucks getting stuck in the mud or having to take turns too sharp. Most often, the shipper did not load the trailer very well but that’s another issue.

Let our pallet restacking Team help get your load back on track to its destination.

Cities in Central Florida that use our Pallet Restacking Services

Central Florida is a fast-growing logistics hub that stretches East-to-West across the middle of Florida. More freight moves through the state as many residents continue flocking to the Sunshine State. As a result, more freight is damaged during transport.

Our warehouses provide pallet working, short-term storage, and cross docking services to drivers throughout central Florida.

Central Florida pallet restacking warehouse specializes in helping distressed truckloads get to their destination through the Tampa Bay Area
  • Tampa, FL
  • Temple Terrace
  • Lakeland
  • Plant City
  • Hillsborough County
  • Brandon
  • Bradenton
  • Lakewood Ranch
  • Sarasota
  • Saint (St.) Petersburg
  • Clearwater
  • New Port Richey
  • Largo, Florida
  • Riverview
  • Pinellas Park
  • Orlando
  • Ocala, FL
  • Sarasota County
  • Wesley Chapel
  • New Port Richey
  • Winter Haven
  • Kissimmee
  • Apopka
  • & other cities throughout Central Florida

Additional Services Offered:

Check out other services we offer to clients in Central Florida including:

  • Pallet rework
  • Pallet shrink-wrapping
  • Dry Van load repair
  • Palletizing – stabilized with Heavy Duty Corner Edges when required
  • Restack shifted pallets
  • Pallet restacking
  • Heavy-duty shrink-wrapping for heavy loads
  • Disposal of damaged goods or include with driver and load
  • Transloading services near Port of Tampa Bay
  • Cross docking and short-term warehouse storage services
  • Traditional warehouse and distribution services
  • + Amazon FBA warehousing and item prep services
Tampa Florida pallet restacking additional warehouse services for shifted truckloads that need pallets reworked

As distressed truckload specialists, we help you get your driver back on route! We ensure goods make it to their final destination.

Contact us today for access to a dependable pallet reworking team! Redelivery quality guaranteed.

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