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Value Added Warehousing

Value Added Warehousing

Finding a 3PL warehouse provider with the skills, technology and willingness to go the extra-mile is a great way to streamline your inventory flow. Value added warehousing services optimize your supply chain by doing multiple jobs in one facility. Additionally, value added services provide enhanced inventory management features such as lot control and expiration tracking.

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Benefits of our Value Added Warehousing Services

On-demand storage and value added warehousing services

On-demand storage and services

Available storage and staffing when you need our services without any account minimums.

Great for Just-in-Time (JIT) manufacturers and fast-moving logistics teams. Scale services up-and-down to meet customer demand in peak seasons.

Value added services bridge the gap between manufacturer and consumers - use 3pl warehouses

Bridge the gap between manufacturing and consumption

Preparing products for customers takes an extra-touch after goods leave the manufacturer. Whether it’s adding a label, inserting thank you cards, or building bundled kits for customers, our warehouse does extra jobs to prep your goods.

customized warehousing - value added services to prepare goods for your customers

Customization to fit your needs

One size doesn’t fit all when in comes to value added services. That’s why we work directly with your team to define the specifications of each jobs.

We can fully manage your jobs, including purchasing all materials. Or your team can send the materials we need to the warehouse. We’ll send you pictures and videos, so you can make decisions.

Value Added Warehousing Service Details

At Warehousing Etc, our goal is to always help our customers. We go the extra-mile for every customer and are not stuck in-a-box. Our range of services reflect our positive, go-getter attitude. Don’t see what you need help with? We handle custom warehousing jobs per quote and are always happy to guide you forward to someone in our network that can help you.

These are our core value added warehousing services to help bridge the gap between our warehouse and your consumers.

Repacking goods into undamaged parcels for clients - value added service


Our repacking services are perfect for clients that need their goods picked and packed for safe shipping. We can package items into new case pack qualities or individually for pick and pack orders.

We offer customizable repacking services that can meet any of your needs. Tell us how you need your goods packaged, or we can evaluate your goods and provide packaging recommendations. We also perform drop tests if requested.

Light Assembly for client - value added warehousing services in Florida

Lot Control

Our warehouse systems track and manage the lot numbers of inventory or other goods. Inventory delivers at our Tampa warehouse where it is unloaded and reviewed by our experienced team for quality and accuracy. Any lot numbers or other unique attributes are recorded by the receiving staff at time of receipt.

You can order inventory based on specific lot numbers, or we will ship any unit and let you know the lot details afterwards. We are flexible to meet your 3PL warehousing needs so tell us what how to handle your lot controlled inventory.

Light Assembly for client - value added warehousing services in Florida

Light Assembly

Our light assembly services are a great way to outsource some of the manufacturing and packaging work that slows your team down. We are flexible and offer customized assembly services based on what you need. Send your goods and/or materials to our Tampa warehouse, then we complete all of the light assembly services that you need.

After assembly is complete we can store the goods until they are needed at a later date, or ship them to their next destination if immediately needed. Contact our team to find out about outsourcing your light assembly projects to our reliable team.

WE Palletize freight for Port of Tampa - loose container unload

Palletize Freight

Let us palletize your inventory or other freight items at our Tampa Florida warehouse. We can palletize inbound freight that arrives without pallets. Shippers can deliver floor-loaded containers from overseas to our Tampa warehouse for unloading, palletization, and safe storage. We can also help palletize smaller shipments and loads that require fast processing.

We build pallets for outbound picks that require shipping partial and mixed pallets by means of freight. Our 3PL warehouse builds pallets that deliver to the destination in the same condition that it leaves our facility in.

Contact our team if you need freight palletized in central Florida.

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Pallet rework in Central Florida at our third party warehouse

Pallet Reworking

Our Central Florida warehouse team specializes in pallet reworking, restacking and other strange incidents that cause truckloads to be rejected at their destination.

We will manually restack dry-vans same-day or next day. Our team is friendly and experienced at restacking damaged loads, so we get the job done correctly, and fast.

We use extra caution with leaning loads and send damaged units with the driver.

We guarantee delivery at the destination after we’re done. Get your driver on their way, contact us now!

Warehouse - Container unloads Port of Tampa Bay

Container Unloading

Have our experienced warehouse team handle your container unloading. Our seasoned forklift drivers unload palletized containers quickly. We can also unload floor-loaded containers where the product is stacked from floor to ceiling inside of the ocean container.

Our team sorts and separates the goods inside of the container during unloading. We offer storage and order fulfillment services for clients that want to keep their goods at our facility. We also unload containers with goods that are immediately sent to their next destination.

We are located close to Port of Tampa Bay and Port Manatee. Contact our team for any container unloading or other services you need in Tampa Florida.

Pallet Shrink Wrap Services in Florida - Keep your pallets tight during shipping so they arrive safely

Shrink Wrap Service

Our team shrink wraps palletized freight so it is ready for safe transit to the destination. We shrink wrap pallets that we build at our Tampa warehouse. We also shrink wrap pallets that deliver to us in questionable shape.

At times we must break shrink wrapped pallets to confirm inventory counts, verify pick quantities, or prepare inventory to meet the requirements at the destination. After we are done the pallets are shrink wrapped and prepared for shipping.

Contact our team for pallet shrink wrapping services in Tampa Florida.

Quality control in our Warehouse

Quality Control

Our quality control service offers businesses an extra level of inspection for the goods in their supply chain. Manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, and other companies use 3PL quality control to ensure that inventory and goods meet requirements. Let our experienced team inspect your goods based on the criteria that you set.

Kitting and Bundling Services

Kitting and Bundling

Our kitting and bundling service is a way to create and customize products for your customers. Have an experienced team group, bundle, repackage, and perform any other customizations that your goods require. Outsource kitting work to our 3PL warehouse team near Tampa Florida.

Pick pack and ship orders for fulfillment clients

Pick, pack & ship

Our pick, pack and ship order fulfillment service is for clients with inventory that needs to be repackaged before shipping. Depending on the size of the order and goods, pick and pack orders may need to be packed into cartons or onto pallets.

When an order is placed our 3PL warehouse team picks the required item(s) and packages them so that they safely deliver to the end customer.

Kitting and Assembly in Tampa Florida

Kitting and Assembly

Preparing kits for retail sale is detail-oriented process that always takes more hours than your team estimates. Luckily, our team specializes in kitting and light assembly so you don’t have to.

We can handle all the work to prepare products for your customer from bubble wrapping, to boxing, branding, labeling and much more. Our team is flexible and can handle any custom light assembly jobs you need help with today!

3PL Logistics services help clients distribute products

Logistics Services

At Warehousing Etc, we take pride in providing a variety of services and efficiencies to our customers that they will not find elsewhere. We specialize in warehousing, inventory management, fulfillment and distribution and have awesome partners to handle any logistics job that might be outside of our skillset, so you know you’re always getting the job done right.

We also offer transportation carrier selection for domestic and international shipments, if necessary. With us you will receive integration with web shopping carts and email broadcasting. Our variety of integrations enable our teams to easily coordinate and keep your goods flowing through the supply chain.

Transload warehouse services in Central Florida

Transload warehouse services

Our transloading warehouse services are for truckload freight that need short-term warehousing and storage for their loads. We help you switch palletized freight between couriers or modes of transportation or store pallets for a few weeks while you’re client figures out the next move.

We offer immediate support to drivers in Central Florida who need storage for their load. Our warehouse can even help restack your shifted load.

No Setup Fee or Order Minimums

Join other businesses using Warehousing Etc to remove operations frustration with our simple, systemic, customer-focused approach.

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