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FBA Warehousing

FBA Warehousing

Looking for a reliable partner to prep and ship your Amazon products? Florida is a popular destination for FBA prep, especially with Amazon’s cluster of FBA fulfillment centers in Central Florida.

FBA warehousing service providers have a portfolio of services to prepare your goods for Amazon. Services include receiving goods, inspection, bulk storage, light assembly, kitting or bundling, labeling and other value-added services.

Warehousing Etc offers competitive rates for FBA warehousing and storage solutions.

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Benefits of our FBA Warehousing Services

FBA Warehousing Specialists - Prepare inventory for Amazon

We know Amazon’s Requirements

Amazon’s FBA warehouses are extremely particular about their product specifications for sellers. If goods are not sent in with proper preparation, Amazon will charge you more to “fix” the shipment.

Warehousing Etc specializes in Amazon FBA prep jobs and sends our clients’ products to Amazon in the correct spec, every time to save you money.

Reduced Storage Costs

Our warehouse offers much lower monthly storage rates per pallet. There is no limit on goods stored in our facility and no seasonal rate increases to gouge your profits.

You, as a seller, also regain a lot of control over your business, operations, and rate increases.

FBA Warehousing with lower fulfillment costs for big products

Lower Fulfillment Costs for Big Product

Competitive pricing to fulfill orders for product over 5 pounds. We handle larger product efficiently and don’t have hidden fees for bigger items.

Don’t let the size of your product force you to overpay!

FBA Warehousing Service Details

Amazon FBA warehousing services vary depending on the products you sell on Amazon and how the product is manufactured and prepared for customers.

Many companies benefit from FBA Replenishment and bulk storage as they scale, while several companies use FBA warehousing services much earlier. For example, some Brands create kits or bundles for resale on Amazon and save money by having labelling done before product arrives at FBA Warehouses.

FBA Replenishment - FBA warehousing services to store bulk and turn slower

FBA Replenishment

Looking for ways to optimize your supply chain, but not enough storage space in Amazon warehouses? Third-party FBA Replenishment may be the solution for you.

With our Amazon FBA replenishment service, you can store bulk purchases of goods in our warehouse for long durations. Warehousing Etc helps Amazon Brands replenish FBA stock and other channels from a lower cost storage warehouse.

FBA Prep service for Brands who need labeling - kitting - bundling and more

FBA Prep Service

Do your goods require additional processing and handling before they can be sold to customers? For example, bundling two SKUs into a sellable kit will require labelling, bagging or boxing, and a few safety checks before the product is ready to sell on Amazon. Amazon is willing to do a lot of these jobs for you; however, they can be overpriced and add up quickly.

Using FBA Warehousing Prep Services from a 3PL, like Warehousing Etc, is a great solution to prepare your products for customers and Amazon at lower rates.

You decide who does what jobs.

Our warehouse can fully prepare your products for customers or have our team do the kitting and let Amazon handle the carton labeling later. It is worthwhile to calculate if 3PL FBA prep services can reduce your supply chain costs.

Amazon FBA Prep Services

Amazon FBA Prep

Amazon’s FBA Prep services are an awesome way to enhance your product and customer experience. Amazon will do a lot of light assembly and prep jobs in-house; however, the costs of using Amazon to build your product add-up overtime.

Warehousing Etc offers the same, top quality Amazon FBA Prep services at a competitive price in Tampa, FL.

FBM - Fulfillment By Merchant - Outsource Amazon order fulfillment across channels

Fulfillment By Merchant – FBM

Amazon’s massive search volumes and cult following make it a superb marketplace for Brands. Many Brands chose to keep fulfillment in-house, or outsource to a more reliable, cost effective 3PL partner, rather than partnering solely with Amazon FBA to ship orders.

Fulfillment By Merchant, or FBM, is Amazon’s seller program allowing eCommerce retailers to sell on Amazon and fulfill orders from their own warehouse(s).

FBM gives you full control over your supply chain and can allow larger companies opportunity to save money by fulfilling orders for all channels from one 3PL partner facility. This is a great alternative to FBA Warehousing with Amazon.

Warehousing Etc is a reliable 3PL FBM partner for Brands shipping Prime orders throughout Florida & the Southeast. And non-Prime orders shipping everywhere.

FBA Repackaging Services - third party fba warehousing services

FBA Repackaging Services

Need product inserted into a new, carton or bag? Use our third-party FBA repackaging services to prepare goods for sale to customers. Product may need repackaged from a damaged carton or repackaged from single cartons into bundles.

Get help preparing your goods for Amazon customers.

FBA Labeling Services with reliable FBA warehousing company in Florida

FBA Labeling Services

Every product at Amazon requires at least one label for the item SKU. Even if you don’t have an UPC, Amazon will provide you with a unique identifier label.

Labels must be printed and stuck to all cartons, minimally. Exact label specifications vary by product category and how you’re product is sold.

Amazon requires additional labels in certain use cases, such as “do not separate” labels on all bundled product. If you do not send products to Amazon with these labels they will label the goods at a higher rate or refuse to handle the product.

Warehousing Etc is always ready to label and prep products for Amazon from our Tampa facility.

prepare inventory for amazon warehouses near Florida

Prepare Inventory for Amazon Warehouses

Do you have special requirements to prepare your inventory for Amazon‘s warehouses? It can be tough to find a great 3PL partner to get products ready for Amazon, but the rewards are big.

3PLs handle custom jobs regularly and can help you with whatever assembly, kitting, bundling or other preparation your products need before going to the Amazon facility. Often, costs are reduced by preparing inventory before it reaches Amazon.

Warehousing Etc specializes in light assembly, labeling, kitting and bundling according to FBA requirements.

Lower Cost Monthly Inventory Storage for FBA Warehouses - 3pl FBA Warehousing Services

Monthly Inventory Storage

Let’s be honest, Amazon’s monthly storage prices are a little costly compared to other warehouses. Of course, their services offer a ton of advantages to customers and are worth the cost to work with the eCommerce giant.

Luckily, the costs of storage with Amazon don’t solely depend on their prices and peak-season charges. There are alternatives for short-term storage.

3PL FBA warehousing services are a great option. We let you store any volume of palletized goods at lower rates for monthly inventory storage than Amazon warehouses.

When your Amazon inventory is low, simply send a replenishment order to Amazon from our FBA warehouse.

Long-term FBA Storage and Warehousing Services for Amazon Brands who need more space

Long-term FBA Storage

Long-term storage of product is not available at Amazon’s FBA warehouses, so it’s best to work with a third-party partner without volume restrictions.

Optimizing the supply chain of online retailers often means buying larger quantities from manufacturers. Buying more products on a larger Purchase Order means you need somewhere to store the goods for longer or a channel to sell more volume.

Warehousing Etc is a third party FBA warehouse that offers fulfillment, Amazon Replenishment, long-term storage and much more.

No Setup Fee or Order Minimums

Join other businesses using Warehousing Etc to remove operations frustration with our simple, systemic, customer-focused approach.

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