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Cross docking warehouse in Tampa serving Chewy fulfillment center MCO1

Missed delivery appointment at Chewy Fulfillment Center MCO1?

Why do loads shipping to Chewy fulfillment center MCO1 need a cross docking warehouse in Tampa?

Unfortunately not every delivery to Chewy goes as planned. Sometimes unexpected delays, issues, or other anomalies happen that result in a missed delivery appointment. A new delivery appointment at Chewy requires at least 72 hours advance notice, so after missing an appointment you need a short-term cross docking warehouse nearby to store your pallets while a new appointment is scheduled.

Rescheduled deliveries to Chewy fulfillment centers may result from


In-route delay to the Chewy FC

Truck drivers may be delayed while transporting a load for any number of reasons. Unfortunately when in-route transit delays occur drivers often miss their scheduled delivery appointment.


Trucking capacity issue

After scheduling a delivery appointment with Chewy, it may be difficult to find an affordable truck to get your goods where they need on time. When trucking capacity issues arise you may seek alternative means of delivery that require scheduling a new delivery appointment.


Trailer Rejection

Chewy fulfillment centers enforce strict requirements when accepting loads for delivery. If your shipment does not meet Chewy’s requirements then they reject your load. After a trailer rejection, you must rectify any issues before scheduling a new delivery appointment.


Chewy FC Push

At times, circumstances may arise that require Chewy fulfillment centers to push your scheduled delivery appointment. If notified of a pushed delivery appointment by Chewy, then you must reschedule your appointment.

How do you get a new delivery appointment at Chewy FC MCO1?

Chewy’s online Vendor Service Portal makes it easy for shippers to reschedule their delivery appointments. The portal allows vendors to schedule, or reschedule, delivery appointments in just a few steps online. Follow the below instructions to schedule a new delivery appointment at Chewy fulfillment center MCO1.

  1. Navigate to Chewy’s Vendor Service Portal
  2. From the Topic menu, select Transportation
  3. From the Issue Type menu, select Create or Modify Appointment
  4. Click Continue
  5. Enter all of the required fields in the Chewy Scheduling Portal form
  6. Submit your request

See Chewy’s detailed instructions here.


After the form has been submitted, a confirmation will be sent out within 24 hours of the submission to provide the next available appointment time for that trailer. All appointment requests must be made at least 72 hours in advance of the requested appointment date/time.

What services does our team offer Chewy FC cross docking clients?

Our team offers the services you need to get your current load emptied while you wait for a new delivery appointment at Chewy MCO1. We have experience cross docking different pet products and supplies for several Chewy fulfillment center loads. We can help with your Chewy cross dock needs.


Unload pallets at warehouse near Chewy FC

When inbound trucks arrive we quickly unload the palletized load. The warehouse only counts the number of pallets unloaded. Any obvious Overages, Shortages, and Damages (OS&D) are recorded and reported accordingly.

Short-term storage

Short-term storage near Chewy MCO1

We have space to store your pallets while you wait for a new delivery appointment. Our Tampa cross dock warehouse is close to Chewy’s fulfillment center in Ocala, Florida.


Restack pallets to meet Chewy requirements

If Chewy rejects your trailer because the load is poorly stacked or has fallen inside. Our Tampa warehouse offers pallet restacking services and other Value Added Services that help drivers that are in a pinch.

What payment types are accepted for Chewy cross docking warehouse services?

We offer several convenient payment options for Chewy cross docking clients to pay for on-demand warehousing services. For short-term cross docking work, all payments are due before the pallets are released to the outbound driver. Clients storing goods for over a month are billed monthly, and full payment is due before all pallets are released.

We accept payment for Chewy cross docking services via:

  1. ACH Wire Transfer
  2. EFS driver checks (Comchecks)
  3. Zelle, or
  4. Credit card (+ 5% processing fee)

How can Chewy cross docking clients get started?

  1. Contact our team
  2. Quick call or email exchange (with a WE owner-operator) to confirm details and client need
  3. WE send you a Quote based on the details provided
  4. You award Warehousing Etc the job
  5. You route your shipment(s) for delivery to our Tampa cross docking warehouse
  6. We hold your pallets until you need to pick them up

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